Sedum (Stonecrop) is an easy to grow group of succulents that look great in the summer and autumn garden. I've never had problems with these plants flopping, but maybe that's because I ignore our Sedums unless it is unusually dry out. How can I keep sedum from flopping to the ground? Some perennials don’t stand up straight on their own. The plants will flop over if they have too much nitrogren or too much water. No comments. Sedum Autumn Joy is one of my top 5 perennials here in Southern BC. Sedum Autumn Joy - Growing Tips Autumn Joy is a popular variety of sedum. Select Page. This happens a lot in creeping sedums, and it why they carpet so easily. tall, 12 to 24 in. While gardening with perennials is a labor of love, I try to keep my chores to a minimum. The blossoms hang down to the ground, leaving an empty boring center. However, they have similar upright growth. Sedum Care. Proper nutrients, plant placement, watering, and pruning all help keep your plants from flopping. ... cut back the flower heads to almost ground level to keep the plant tidy and help to avoid any rot problems to the crown. How to Plant Sedum CuttingsSnip off a 2-5″ piece of the sedum plant.Plant the cutting into soil that has good drainage.Keep the newly planted cutting moist (water it like you would water petunias or another annual)After a couple weeks it’s roots will take hold and begin to develop. Water sedum sparingly; wet soil may cause sedum to rot and die. Last year I planted three or four sedums called "Stardust" near my front walk. Sedum grows quite shallowly in the ground, so the easiest way to get rid of it is to simply pull it up. Adding a 1 inch thick layer of compost when planting and annually in spring should be enough to keep your sedums growing and flowering strong. We generally have a long fall in wine country, so my plants develop their full colour in well-draining akaline soil. To keep sedum healthy, get in the habit of routinely dividing the plant every other year. from last year: This was taken in 2018, in mid August, and as you can see, they are flopping all over the place. To keep the sedum somewhat contained, consider adding a border of rocks around the area. For drying cut flowers, strip the leaves and hang upside down in a dark, well-ventilated place. These plants have tough stems that won’t flop. Welcome to the Sedum Forum, a genus of close to 600 species of perennial succulents. Sedum spectabile “Hot Stuff” Compared to Sedum spectabile “Autumn Joy”, Sedum spectabile “Hot Stuff” is much smaller. It can’t hurt the plant but knowing when to prune sedum plants can help preserve the starry flowers produced by most species. Sara W. 1 decade ago. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Easy to propagate from cuttings (mother plants will … And as proof, if proof were required, here are a series of photos of these Sedums (see, I can do it now!) Thanks! Click to see full answer. This will form a smaller plant but will ensure that the stems are sturdy and it … Sedum and poppies and most perennials for that matter do best when they get full sun. I use small tomato cages and cut the bottom off for the correct height of the sedum. This 'flopping open' is common with sedums especially if they've been 'well fed' or are a large mature plant. ‘Brilliant’ bears flowers with bright pink … how to keep sedum from flopping. As temperatures warm, tall sedum takes off, getting taller and forming flowers. by | Nov 28, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Nov 28, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments I really like the color and size of the plants, but by August they were so tall they were flopped over.