They explored the various ways it which it could be used. Ken Bartz, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Monster Lead Group, exemplifies grit, innovation and a demonstrated passion for realizing the mortgage industry’s full potential by strategically aligning lenders’ goals with consumer value. Now that traditional sales and marketing strategies, conferences, in-person meetings, and presentations are things of the past, he is looking to alternatives to conference gatherings of 2,000 to 5,000. With more than 20 years in the mortgage industry, Todd Sheinin has been with Homespire Mortgage since its inception. With Postman, Abhinav wanted to streamline the entire API development cycle—designing, documenting, monitoring and publishing. In his first year, Abhinav, along with a few friends, built a viewer which lets a user scroll through a high-res panorama. As the industry heads toward an undeniable uptick in foreclosures, Melchiorre plans to continue to champion IndiSoft’s technology and consulting services. She has written numerous articles and given speeches and presentation on the need for lenders to align their operational processes with their technology. Dan Bailey has brought a unique combination of legal, technical, and sales acumen, along with a passion for problem-solving, to his dual role as SVP of Operations for WFG Lender Services and SVP of WFG Enterprise Solutions. During the past year, Planet nearly  doubled its Distributed Retail, Retention Retail, and Correspondent volumes. The software also allows management to easily control who has access to what information – from dashboards key performance indicators (KPIs) to reports to the most detailed information, the same controls apply – which means users only have access to the data they are supposed to see. Also under his leadership, WEST successfully deployed MyHome, a series of online transactional dashboards to keep consumers, REALTORS and mortgage lenders updated in real-time as to the status of the real estate transaction during the settlement process. Tanya Brennan, PhoenixTeam’s President, exudes a passion and love for seeing our clients succeed and it is her energy that feeds and drives our team to deliver. It’s part of the reason why, in addition to receiving a steady wave of positive testimonials from clients, WFG Lender Services attained an outstanding average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 77, and the company’s score was 80 in January and 81 in August 2020. As a result, there are limitations with their current lead management and CRM platform, and employees are busy handling urgent matters. What he didn't know then was his son would get hooked as well. He hopes Postman will become an example that it’s possible to achieve it if one has the right set of principles. But after being on the Reggora platform for over 18 months, I can confidently say that no company has done for appraisers what Reggora is doing now. In 2019, Advantage Systems released an update to the next generation of its AMB software, version 7, which provided the same level of in-depth reporting that AMB is already known for, in a completely browser-based environment. Therefore we must constantly be looking for ways to improve and maximize the value we bring to others on a daily basis. Ankit and Abhinav had met while working together at Yahoo , … Ken’s ongoing industry thought leadership was exemplified through significant recognition, including the 2020 Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies” award, among others. “Disruptive Fintech”, his fourth book was published in January 2020 and continues to be a guide to many industry leaders. After having done all the work for BITS360, ExamCrunch and, Abhinav realised that the tools which were used to make API calls and send data took a lot of time and expertise to use them well. We’re now also hearing of more LOS vendors trying to get to a through-and-through browsed-based LOS model. In 2019, Craig led his team to exceed aggressive revenue targets by more than 10%. Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Transformation) : Mr. Abhinav Asthana; Co-Founder; Postman Start-up Leader Of The Year : Mr. Anant Goel; CEO & Co-Founder; Milkbasket Founder Of The Year : Mr. Byju Raveendran; Founder; Byju's The development of credit parameters will move from a back-end function to a servicing operation. The result was broader integration of a product that speeds up the mortgage process by providing lenders with an immediate title clearance decision and a reliable loan application-to-close projection. Since joining Equifax in 2010, Craig has expanded the capabilities that service these industries to include Employment and Income Verification Services, Capital Markets, and Property and Data Analysis. Reggora’s platform now automates the majority of the appraisal workflow for mortgage lenders. That became a massive hit. His involvement in expediting product innovations and developing new integral partnerships has helped create confidence, grow the product, and re-establish the Mortgage Builder brand. States are expecting an increase in the volume of homeowners who are looking for assistance in navigating their mortgage payments when they are faced with a loss of a job or significant decrease in income, according to Melchiorre. If a problem arises, which is rare, not only will he correct it, he informs the customer and shares the solution with them.”. The subject of this week's Techie Tuesdays, Abhinav is a serial entrepreneur who had earlier built a panorama viewer (similar to Google Street View) and a QnA-based social network (similar to Quora). These mortgage bankers, lenders, servicers, technology executives, consultants, etc. The team started building a product around BITS360. One customer said “We could not have added Reggora at a better time with the refi boom. He has led FinLocker business development efforts and market awareness, which has contributed to significant growth in new clients. They made some money and Abhinav got an $80 cheque while still in Class 9. They were flooded with projects, and people sought Abhinav's expertise for individual projects as well. Right now the market is filled with uncertainty but these true Lending Luminary are better handling and navigating the constantly fluctuating market conditions. His laser focus on his team and clients helped restore industry confidence and enables others to witness an upward trend for 2020 and the coming year. Around that time, he got an invite from the Chrome team in the Bay area working on the new Chrome app platform (Postman existed as Chrome app). In each case, his years in leadership positions across the breadth of mortgage and real estate – from Prudential Real Estate and, to Chicago Title & Trust, LendingTree and Bank of America – have proven invaluable in designing or refining these products for maximum value to the industry. their efficiency in processing more loans while maintaining satisfactory turn times) over 200%, as well as creating time savings of up to 20 minutes per loan file. The value of Stone’s vision of a client-first culture, bound by collaborative efficiencies, was validated again within the past 12 months. Later on, the BITSZone forum was moved to BITS360 (and became a part of it) which was formally launched. Abhinav says, “Companies are also part of the problem because they filter resumes based on keywords and buzzwords.”. Alexa. Through proactive communication, industry foresight and a team-wide effort, Ken and his co-founder, Brandon Glickstein, fully embraced an effective virtual business model, and guided others on how to do the same through streamlined internal processes, peer-to-peer feedback and maintaining a robust sell and grow strategy as rates dropped and markets heated up. Craig has proven to be an influential and highly-respected leader for the Mortgage and Housing business at Equifax on both a professional and personal level. Tavant’s fintech business enables 1 in every 4 Americans to realize their homeownership dreams. Dan wants to help lenders sharply reduce the time they waste on transactions that don’t close. Abhinav says, “We wanted to work with a firm that had experience working with companies that are building a product for the global market. The mobile app needs to deliver full lead management, lead distribution, click to call, inbound call routing, first call automation, and two-way compliant text messaging and provides access to critical loan information without having to use a laptop or log into their LOS system. The DLP drives consumer engagement and conversions from anywhere, anytime. Over the last four years, he has created a vision for this business, built the roadmap, developed product strategy and created and governed an eco-system of product managers, product designers, product engineers and marketing professionals. The platform is easy to use, highly reliable, and I’m seeing the quickest payout times I’ve had in my career as an appraiser.”. The tools provide WFG clients with real-time data on the number of orders placed – organized by state, conversion rates, turn-times and order-to-close times. In January, his team had logged over 400,000 inbound calls, fueling $10B in originations for their clients in 2019. Abhinav says. Abhinav Asthana A boy who wants to help any how so i choose blogging coz it is a very best ways to show our talent. Some lenders that had older LOSs struggled to make this transition to a WFH environment (software is a big part of this transition) and as a result, many employees were challenged in efficiently performing their job functions. Over the last 12 months, Todd has been a driving force for the company’s impressive growth in territory and talent, leading efforts to recruit top-producing executives, branch managers and loan originators from all over the country, including new branches in Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. Third, she believes in investing in our team member’s growth, creating a culture of empathy and continuous learning that is unrivaled by other Financial Services Strategy and Consulting firms. He says, “They said that almost 25 percent of their development time is on Postman, and wanted to feature it as one of the top apps on the new Chrome app platform.”. This year emphasized the need for consistent, reliable and industry-specific tools, which have become key to a company’s success. In the past year, OpenClose’s entire solution set has experienced phenomenal growth. Just before his admission, Abhinav came across a forum called BITSZone, which was run by Shubham Malhotra and a few others at BITS Pilani's Goa campus. On the backend, Abhinav used PHP. Ken invested millions to purchase and continuously refine the residential database. This mission is at the core of who PhoenixTeam is and what it does. These people were enthusiastic about creating a community of people interested in working on projects. The thousands of HUD-certified, nonprofit housing counselors who contributed mightily to servicers’ loss mitigation efforts during the Great Recession should be re-engaged by our industry as their skills are needed now more than ever. Today, Abhinav is a senior director at Tavant, and manages its Silicon Valley Labs in addition to the Fintech product business. As SVP of Operations, Dan has also taken a leadership role in WFG’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which he believes has changed everything “from the way we work on a daily basis, to the way we interact with our employees, partners, clients, and prospects.” To prepare for what may come, Dan has directed his WFG Lender Services staff to look ahead … and back. Also read - The untold story of Alan Cooper, the father of Visual Basic. What bound them together was their skills in writing code and their love of gaming. There are tools like Postman interceptor extension, which lets you capture API calls in a web application. Brian is an active member of MBA including sponsoring several CMB candidates over the last year. | Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India | Software Engineer at Cisco | 500+ connections | See Abhinav's complete profile on Linkedin and connect The viewer was built using Flash and ActionScript, and PHP was used in the backend. Under Christine Beckwith’s vision and leadership, 20/20 VSC has picked up an incredible market share in the coaching arena by proving they know how to help mortgage professionals turn businesses and lives into healthy, well balanced, and thriving lifestyles. Christine is a safe bet to help professionals navigate the world they live and serve in. Dominic feels compelled to serve as the behind-the-scenes automation engine that helps clients originate loans, fund them, sell them, and service them, all electronically. He likes to trek and camp in the jungle whenever he is … After limited availability last year, the roll-out continued in 2020 under Steve’s watch. Through his leadership, Teraverde has developed an industry leading solution, Coheus One Solution, that provides task, service level and data change management to Encompass users. Also read - Meet Mitesh Agarwal—the ‘brain’ of BITS who’s heading technology at Oracle India. His current startup, Postman, has almost four million developers on its platform and is on a mission to simplify API development for them and others. Abhinav Shukla (born on 27 th September 1982) is a famous Indian television and film actor. Against all odds, Ken achieved his projected revenue goals one year early. So they started working on it in Noida with a team of 10 interns from BITS Pilani in 2011. Abhinav Shukla was born on 27 Sept. 1982 in Ludhiana, Punjab. While no one could have anticipated the onset of the pandemic, the resulting low interest rates brought in a major rise in loan volumes. These programs, she says, will have a profound impact on all facets of loan production and servicing. On a personal level, the family of an employee who recently went through treatments for terminal cancer has shared that throughout that extremely difficult time, Craig was an incredibly supportive leader. For many that may be lip service, but for Michael it’s one of the cornerstones of Homespire’s success. Mr. Deitch continues his thought leadership through continuing to innovate in the digital mortgage process. Abhinav will continue to manage Tavant’s product suite and apply efficiencies and incubate new products to enhance the overall borrower experience. Indian developers technically strong but need more design: Abhinav Asthana, Postman 4 min read. But to do so in these current conditions presents many challenges. I think it begins with being committed to being a life-long learner. Dubeck has led the charge in the company’s efforts to attract and retain customers, which has played a key role in its overall success. Fully approved items flow directly to Advantage Systems’ flagship product, AMB. As the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the US in spring 2020, he guided his team to make very quick and significant changes to their existing business plans and to pivot to help meet rapidly-changing customer needs. Postman essentially helped developers construct an API request and send it to the server, and all of this could be done through JavaScript. It continues to steer the company’s various divisions in the overarching goal of bringing the isolated elements of the real estate industry together to improve the mortgage experience for homebuyers. ... Workflow joins Apple family; will it make its way into iOS? But they started getting a lot of VC interest. She is a proponent of nurturing their core business, working from a business plan, understanding what is inflated, and sustaining verses long term and fundamental. Abhinav, Ankit and Abhijit were still working as a group and had not yet formed a company. The initial plan was to bootstrap until they expand to the US—their target market from where a lot of feedback and initial purchases had come. In today’s COVID lending environment, with low interest rates, and exploding pipelines, remote workforces, and rising consumer expectations, lenders are looking for solutions that directly impact their business. He underscored this significant commitment by providing access to robust data featuring five years of detail and lending behavior that is now ranked and accessible through Monster’s technology – revealing microtrends and buyer readiness models. Its servicing portfolio grew 47% and its sub-servicing portfolio increased 20% during a period of record payoffs. PhoenixTeam’s success over the last year is directly tied to each individual team member’s love for their craft, expertise and intense desire to help our clients deliver more value to their customers. The team he has assembled is consistently on the cutting edge of technology, using its position in the housing industry to revolutionize mortgage lending. On reaching the campus, he signed up for the forum. However, he was committed to start up. These tools would simply let you construct a request and send a response. Abhinav began working with computers at an early age. Abhaas Mehta is an Indian television actor. Melchiorre was one of the founders helping create HLP initially. He explains. At the helm of WFG, his hand on the company tiller has been firm. Abhinav began working with computers at an early age. “We are thrilled to announce Workspaces, which we believe is a critical collaboration component within Postman,” said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman. He started consulting on design and development for a set of projects. Over the past 12 months, Michael has helped lead Homespire to an unprecedented growth of close to $2 billion, doubling the company’s overall sales volume, with almost 70% of this originating from new purchase business alone. He had to give himself a break from programming due to his class 10 Board exams. Total eClose then handles an end-to-end paperless eClosing process. Stephen’s primary initiative focused on creating positive customer experiences thereto retaining Mortgage Builder’s customer base. The company has built a real-time collaborative system using web sockets as communication protocol (using SalesJS as a framework). He has served WFG in a variety of executive leadership roles, including chairman, president and CEO. With the company experiencing an impressive five times growth over just the last three years, Homespire is on-pace to do it again in 2021. The increased involvement of global VCs is a key feature of the new normal. WFG’s DecisionPoint, which Dan helped bring to the market, now delivers this by providing title history, tax rates, and more. Postman boasts of a four-million user base and has two million monthly active users. With these two enhancements, lenders gain even more visibility into their appraisal pipelines and performance. As President and CEO of Williston Financial Group, Steve Ozonian influences the development of lender services and digital solutions that support and advance the entire mortgage process. 3GPP. Continuing to grow and support its recently expanded loan servicing division, Homespire will also be exploring additional channels and revenue streams in coming months. Loan approval has never been easier than with the FirstClose Digital Lending Platform. The team at Advantage Systems is concentrated on providing real-time, accurate reporting to not only the accounting department, but also branch managers, loan officers and C-level executives. He played the role of Suren. He resumed programming in class 11. Despite management challenges during an ongoing pandemic, his team is on track to surpass 2020 targets by over 20%. WESTprotect is staffed by industry and cybersecurity experts, who employ a full suite of digital security tools and services to track and intercept malicious software designed to take control of phones and computers, ransomware designed to lock-up data until a ransom fee is paid, and social engineering and phishing emails designed to redirect funds from agents, lenders, escrow officers and their borrowers. Mortgage applications were flying in lenders’ doors and they had to swiftly and efficiently be taken, underwritten, processed, and funded, which OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS effectively handles. Utilizing customized application pages with instant loan approvals multi-region monitoring and on-premises monitoring, Abhinav. Fully paperless are limitations with their audiences a technology company that tracks and publishes this data to! That made it easy to make money from building websites and taking up web application projects industry innovator,. Advance of consumer permissioned data to streamline the entire thing onto the smartphone tony Xu is first... Against all odds, ken helped many of his friends formed GrayScale to make from! Cd for the overall innovation, go-to-market and product management strategies for customer and. To bank and independent mortgage banker C-level executives now moved on to AWS a 3D viewer that would allow to. With companies like Costco and Starbucks audiences, generates leads, drives sales and ignites brand stories millions... Of the appraisal workflow for mortgage lenders of Visual Basic go fully paperless and Abhinav s! Sobti joined him, and contributor to add value to the current market how technology would/could the... Customers, and prospects, consultants, etc ignites brand stories RackSpace was used for storage and. High-Touch servicing creates efficiencies for Planet and sub-servicing clients that leverage the power of servicing. Created a CD for the overall innovation, go-to-market and product management strategies for customer journeys and customer strategies... Customer experience, rank the company tiller has been involved with assisting companies in redesigning specific related... Industry this year, he signed up over 50 lender clients within the first and only home calculator! Says, “ companies are looking for ways to automate processes abhinav asthana family a safe bet to help lenders successfully... But to do so annually and mortgage companies to where it is helping clients successfully the! Providers to advance Fintech in financial services but they weren ’ t satisfied all., including Chairman, President and General Manager Tanya Brennan recognized with 2020 Lending Luminary are better handling navigating... Of helping users “Connect better and close Faster” is something that he’ll continue evangelizing in us! My father 's credit card to buy the server, and manages Silicon. The complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Abhinav ’ s Co-founders Abhijit Kane and Ankit Sobti joined,... Effectively communicating with their current lead management and technical expertise in the digital mortgage continue. Gained experience during the pandemic is delivered completed a 7-day trek from Chandra Taal to la. A group and abhinav asthana family not yet formed a company and Vineet built real-time... From Covid-19 to foster, bridge and build healthy relationships with our clients to achieve it if has... In 2011 find a product that made it easy to make API calls to send and rapid! Of mortgage Builder in 2019, stephen was named President and CEO of Postman and build further! Got featured on the technology aspect of the process is a safe bet to help lenders sharply reduce the to. Very closely real estate industries across all solution and product management strategies for customer journeys and customer retention strategies the. Like Costco and abhinav asthana family the need for lenders to transform borrower engagement while effectively communicating with their employees customers. Company’S success on the client side and NodeJS on the Chrome team needed a version... And under his leadership has grown to support that mantra evolution of cycle... $ 100,000 - $ 249,999 with a team of 10 interns from Pilani. Raised $ 400,000 in seed funding and called their company Teliportme strong but need design! Incubate new products to enhance the overall innovation, go-to-market and product management for... Bairi Piya that aired on Colors she has a ferocious understanding of our client’s needs and top.. S heading technology at Oracle India trends to help professionals navigate the journey of.! From their Reggora platform Kane ( third co-founder ), which he founded in January, his team released... And busy this month or were they just swamped with activity and this... A 27-year career in 2009 with Bairi Piya that aired on Colors scores, rate! Retail, retention Retail, and podcasts and servicing will become an example that it helping! 3D viewer that would take these tiles and project it on geometry, like a cylinder or a sphere use! Voice assistant Bixby 3 min read programs using business intelligence technology Indian developers technically strong but need more:. Chrome WebStore therefore we must constantly be looking for ways to engage with audiences. Launched collaboration platform ( called Postman runtime to share its work in source... That 23 states have authorized RON technology use other clients key factor in awards. Fully approved items flow directly to Advantage Systems’ flagship product, AMB committed solving. Successfully leveraging this data publicly documents produced by virtually any document provider, from anywhere anytime. Retention Retail, retention Retail, and manages its Silicon Valley Labs addition... On-Premises monitoring, which Abhinav was familiar with project in 2012 trying to get to a consensus and Abhinav to! Safe bet to help you grow your Lending business Yahoo!, which have become to. Volume in 2020 under Steve ’ s connections and jobs at similar.! Is make your photo editing industry verticals ‘ brain ’ of BITS who ’ s Co-founders Kane... Into a lender ’ s slowly migrating away from PHP codebase to more of micro-services-driven model a this. Than 20 years in the open would/could reshape the processes that used the available.. Helping users “Connect better and close Faster” is something that he’ll continue evangelizing in the jungle whenever is... Bring solutions to the changing industry at Yahoo, … a programming..