Cinch is also a noun--- if you say something is a cinch, you mean that you think it is very easy to do, e.g. If he can stay healthy, he's almost a, Due to a cream of the crop matching service finding games is a, And for rock chick eyes, we love Stila Smudge Pot, pounds 13, a gel liner thatOs a, Adding real sauteed onion flavor and piece identity is a, Well, maybe he's hot, and talks like the proprietor, and forgets that an engagement ain't always a lead-pipe, Make fast end a at c, and end d at e, cinching up strongly on the bights that come through the, As in the case of the riding saddle, the sawbuck pack saddle should be supplied with the double, I saw Boston's betting man havin' an old-time play, an' I knew it was a lead-pipe, He busied himself undoing the latigo strap of the hair, Old Blake would give him work on his ranch over there, that was a, He backed slowly until he was again beside the horse, when he reached down and grasped the, Get the look yourself with Miss Selfridge's military take on the cape then, If you really want her and will follow the rules I give you, it's a, Gilbert